Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fun in the Yuma sun:

There's a lot of military activity in this area. We turn by the Marine Air Base to get home these days. Their jet fighters and harriers are often streaking through the air.

We drove out to Yuma Proving Grounds north of here the other day. They test military equipment in a vast area of desert to make sure it works before it is used. This was where they developed pontoon and other type of portable bridges for WWII. We were able to see simulated bridge approaches where they test tanks and armored personnel carriers. Many troops come to the area to learn how to use the equipment in simulated battle situations. They had a fascinating museum as well as all the stuff outside:.

This thing was huge.
General Patton did most of his training here before going to North Africa. We saw a museum dedicated to him in California on a side trip we took to Twenty-nine Palms. George C. Scott was standing outside it ready to shake our hands! (kidding)

I think what has been so strange about this entire trip is that all our lives we have known about this stuff but it's only been head knowledge. It's been really fun learning about a completely different part of the country than we've lived in all these years. For example: palm trees. They are all over the place. 29 Palms had more than they were laying claim to. That's a town around a military base and as we drove thru we saw many barber shops with big advertising for military haircuts.

My conclusion: when you-ma come to Yuma, don't miss Yuma Proving Grounds.

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