Saturday, January 1, 2011

1 - 1 - 11

I thought I'd try blogging this year.

On New Year's Day a few years ago I launched what became my "line from Lynn" emails with my sole objective being keeping in touch. I had quite the email list. Then came Facebook so I added my postings there. This year I'm trying something new.

I'm not sure about a blog. My word games don't accept the word "blog" as a real word, however, I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Recently I've been trying to fit the Christmas decorations back into the closet and have rediscovered the wealth of photographs, slides and movies that are stashed there. In addition to what I've generated, I've inherited a wealth of projectors, films and diaries from my parents. I'm reluctant to just throw things away My intention is to deal with them this year by digitizing as many things as possible. There is an appeal to cyberspace. It's vast.

Whoops! Gotta go. My grandson's up and needs me to play with him.


  1. I always hated the word "blog" myself - someone pointed out it is just a shortening of "web log." I hate when people use logic to stop my rants, especially when I worked so hard on them!

    I think you'll have fun with the blog thing! Now you can reach other people beyond your email list too.

  2. Lynn- This feels a little bit like a confession.
    I sort of referred to you in my first blog entry.
    It seems fitting to confess that to you on your first blog entry.

  3. One word for your blog my friend, 'Sympatico!'
    your friend and fan, Teri