Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Christmas Story

Last summer, like the summer before, we camped on the banks of the Rogue River 7 miles up from Gold Beach on the Southern Oregon almost to California coast. You can see our trailer in the picture I shot from across the river. It's the one in the middle.

When it was warm I'd sit in the shade of the myrtlewood tree in my sister-in-law's camp next door. When it was cool, I'd relax in the rocker and enjoy this beautiful view out our rear window, drink a cup of coffee and work on a crossword puzzle, and wait for the jet boats to roar by.

The only thing that would make life at Huntley RV Park (I've renamed it Huntley-on-the-Rogue) much better would be to be able to get in that inviting water on a sunny afternoon and float from one end of that huge rock bar to the other soaking up the rays, splashing a little refreshing spray, enjoying the flora - reeds and trees bending to meet the water's edge, fauna - buzzards and osprey, seals and salmon.  I've got the picture in my mind, not romanticizing it a bit (note the buzzards - not romantic but interesting to watch as they catch the thermals across the river) but just not the means of transportation.

I could have my loving husband drive me to one end of the rock bar and I could launch out in my ______________ and then float the river down to the other end where he could pick me and my ___________ up and haul us back to camp where I'd enjoy a nice little dinner that my sis-in-law would have fixed for me and spend the evening around a campfire toasting s'mores and telling tall tales. I just don't have a "means of transportation" to fill in the blanks.

Until now!!!!!!!!!!!! For Christmas after opening the robe that I'd picked out and the vest that I already knew about, my wonderful husband surprised me with a KAYAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is good and he's good to me and one of the ways he's good to me is by having my husband get me such a great present! Here's the box:

I don't know how to photoshop my face over that guy's (not to mention my girlish figure!) but you get the total picture here.  Now don't be like Ralphie's mom, teacher and even Santa. (You'll shoot your eye out - remember?) I'm not going to shoot my eye out or even the rapids. I'll float only on calm water. I'll use my Cabella's gift certificate on a life jacket. I'll take every precaution - but I can hardly wait for summer.


  1. I am so glad I found your "Line from Lynn"
    A blog is perfect fit.

    Maybe one day I will get a Kayak and join you!!

  2. I can't wait to see a picture of you floating the rapids in your kayak!!

  3. Hi Lynn, I finally made it to your Cara said..a blog is a perfect fit for you :D

    ( sorry..can't get just my name..technically challenged!!)