Friday, July 22, 2011


I was so excited to find Hatari even if it was a video at a garage sale today. I started humming the Baby Elephant March. I love that music. HOWEVER, my joy has turned to sadness to discover that the video was stored somewhere where it drew moisture and has molded into a solid chuck of unplayable tape. If it was me, I'd give me my money back. Hope they feel the same way.

It's too much to catch up with the past two months but a quick recap: Mark Douglas Meyer arrived on May 17th; trailer trip to Vancouver WA for the occasion; another trailer trip to watch the Rose Fleet departure and east to Pendleton, Heppner, Rufus and back; home for a few days then a car trip to Sacramento for the Masters World Track & Field Championships, Yosemite, Reno to see Michael, Sunriver to see Patsy, hit the Goodwill, quilt shop and a pawn shop! Home again for a while.

Pops at the River is more than just the Reno Philharmonic playing by the Truckee.

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