Monday, July 25, 2011

Would a rose by another name still smell?

It was just brought to my attention that Weedeater is the brand name of a particular type of string trimmer and not an action verb. It's ok to say I need to weedeat my garden, for example. Or, tomorrow I'll need to do some weedeating. But what about yesterday? I weed-ate the front flowerbed just doesn't work. Neither does weedeated. Instead I've been avoiding the whole issue by another comment: Tony loves to weedeat and he sure has been keeping the yard looking nice. That works for me!

It's important what you call things. The right name makes all the difference. I can remember that my mom, who loved to dance, wouldn't dance with a really cute guy because his last name was Junk! Praise God I didn't have Lynn Junk to overcome!

This brings me to Funtime RV from whom we bought our trailer. We left the awning rolled out on the trailer last night so I went out this morning after all that rain we had to retract it. It worked fine but was too wet to leave rolled up so I extended it again and left it out all day to dry. This evening when I went out again to retract it, it didn't retract. When I pressed the button, nothing happened. (I'm a big one on things working when you press the button.) That's the problem that the Funtime folks were supposed to have fixed during the three weeks they had it sitting on their lot and we're not really excited about hauling it clear to the other side of Tualatin yet again. So I find myself asking myself, and now you, where's the fun in Funtime? Perhaps they should have called it Floyd's RV - there's no great expectations there.

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