Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tell-tale clock

My clock chimes every quarter hour and I am so used to it that I tend not to hear it. Of late, however, I am made aware every quarter hour that I need a new battery. Ding squawk ding dong, ding squawk, squawk, dong.


  1. I moved my chiming clock into our bedroom and turned the chimer off. It had been in there for a couple weeks when one night Jeff sat bold upright in bed at 4am and said "what's that ticking?" Since it had been a couple weeks, I didn't immediately know what he was talking about but told him I was pretty sure it wasn't a bomb.

  2. I would like a chiming clock... I lose track of time so easily. Do they still make them/sell them in regular stores?

  3. Also... Lisa, that's hilarious :)