Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snowbirds - Arizona bound

The first time we actually saw any snowbirds (retired people looking for sun and fun with their RVs) was when we toured the Olympic Peninsula on a Spring Vacation 20+ years ago. Now we've joined their ranks. We hooked up our Wildcat 5th wheel and headed south on January 2nd arriving at Dick's sister's house in Grants Pass in time to watch the Rose Bowl.

The Ducks won but my personal opinion is that they need to work on their defense. Having watched football for 42 years now (our anniversary was in December) I feel entitled to an opinion and that's mine. I prefer big wins. Enough with this just winning by a touchdown.

We saw a bald eagle sitting in a tree along I-5 on the way to GP. I'll summarize California: horrible roads.
GP to a KOA in Lodi; The GPS does not recognize KOA as a legitimate entry which was challenging. From  Lodi to Bakersfield, A Country RV Park - strategically located between two freeways and a railroad track; nice cacti, lots of palm trees. Many dairies along the way. Mile after mile of dying orchards due to loss of farm water for irrigation. From Bakersfield to another KOA in Barstow. We went by Edwards AFB where the space shuttles used to land. From Barstow to Lake Havasu City, AZ. We've packed away most of our coats and are wearing our sunglasses everywhere.

Lake Havasu is the location of the London Bridge. It was purchased by Mr. McCullough (the chain saw guy) who thought it would make a good tourist attraction. Apparently it was sinking several inches each year in London but since the relocation it's holding it's own. I thought it would have shops on it but, no, it's just an arched bridge. It seems odd to see the huge Christmas wreaths still in place on it.Some people here still have their Christmas decorations up.

Right now we're at Campbell Cove RV Park. This is really not our idea of camping - lots of RVs and what little view we had just got usurped by new neighbors to our right and right behind us. We've extended our stay here though because of strong winds that kicked up last night. Actually I'm hoping that we get a new neighbor on the left because the winds have been slamming us from that direction and I'm sure a huge motorhome would block for us!

We're meeting people from everywhere - the joint's jumping with RVs and their snowbird occupants. This place is a sunshine seeker's mecca. It was kind of funny when we dropped by the Walmart today and saw families with children. Not seeing too many kids but plenty of grey-haired people with little dogs!

 I have laughed and laughed over this sign.
 This is the first of a collection of photos I want to take of the interesting plants.
The sign just before we got here was one of those flashing ones that said BURRO CROSSING. We didn't see any but I hope we do.

We're having a great time and learning a lot. I'm going to use my blog as a sort of journal so I won't forget our trip. You're welcome to read along.


  1. Read a long I will. Keep it coming!

  2. You've been watching football for 42 years?!?! I'm so sorry. I love that you're going to use your blog as a journal and will look forward to reading along.