Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

My Valentine bought me a new laptop to replace my little notebook which was way too small and slow so to reciprocate, I made him our traditional Valentine's dinner - heart-shaped meatloaf and baked potatoes. I'm checking out the ease of loading pictures on by blog. Hope you enjoy.

Lisa and the boys picked up us at the airport two weeks ago. We had to stop for a photo of Alex and Mater just across from the falls in Oregon City on 99E.
 It was so good to see family and friends. It had only been a month but both Alex and especially Mark had really grown.
Sorry, Mark about the red eye. The program for that is on the computer at home.

Dick, Betty and Bill - a family reunion at a hard time, the passing of Bill's wife Bev. We were glad that we could come home.

We had left our trailer at an RV Park in Catalina, AZ, NE of Tuscon. We flew the milk run both ways and just needed to hang out here when we got back and get some of this lovely AZ sunshine back in our bones. Here's a picture of Dick making brownies when we got back.
I saw this roadrunner - not running on a road, but running along the top of a wall - one day as we were getting fuel.  I was thrilled to get a picture of a cardinal in Sabino Canyon. Can you see him?

We really haven't seen too much wildlife.Maybe they go south for the winter too! But what we have seen has been pretty interesting: A coyote walking through the state park just behind our trailer, some antelope yesterday outside of Tombstone, burros up in Oatman. There's a couple of cottontails living in our RV park.

We're totally loving the desert around Tuscon. It's lush with cacti. Here's a picture of the mountain Jim and Sharon Maben (Patsy Kozera's brother) call their mountain from the Ironwood National Park

These are the beautiful Catalina Mountains that we can see from our campground.

Saguaros are everywhere - on the license plates, the median strips, everyone's front yard or back yard or both. They stand up so majestically and march to the tops of the mountainsides. And, don't you love that blue, blue sky?

By for now. 

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  1. Lovely, I really like your blog Lynn, today my favorite picture is the Mater picture-what a cutie smile on your grandboy. Love your bird sightings too.