Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sunny Saturday

We parked our trailer at Wishing Well RV Park in the town of Catalina, a suburb of Tuscon before we made our flying trip home. Plan A was to finish out the week here and move farther east but we've heard reports of snow and are thinking seriously about sacrificing the $5 deposit required to book a place at Roper Lake State Park [] and stay put here in the sunshine!
We scrounged enough quarters to wash all 4 loads of laundry but didn't have enough for the dryer, so we took advantage of all our sun and hung everything out to dry. Haven't done that for a long while. Waiting for the clothes to dry I took a stroll and got a picture of this interesting tree/bush at the gate to the park:
 I don't know if that's a giant yucca or what, also some sort of palm and cactus in the picture.

I've picked up some turquoise jewelry and some turquoise from a lady who has her own mine in Nevada:

Dick found a guy who had some rattlesnake skin belt buckles that he liked:
It was good to be home for a week but also good to be back. Speaking of back - Dick's back is responding pretty well to the dry & warm as opposed to the wet and cold. Praise the Lord!!

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