Sunday, July 15, 2012

We're family!

Many of the Oregon branch of the Zipprich family got together yesterday, July 14th, at the Large's house in Canby.
Back row: Polly Springstead soon to be Zipprich, Ron Zipprich, Linda Z., Luke Deese, Robert Zipprich, Barbara Z, Kara and Tim Barron, Lisa Meyer, Dick and Lynn Large, John Zipprich
Stephen Zipprich, Dave Zipprich, Judah Deese, Bethany and Ash Deese, Alex Louis Meyer, Bill Zipprich, Tracy, Jennifer, Joyce Zipprich, Mark Meyer.
We missed you: Michael Large, Amber and Dennis Zipprich, Jeff, Zach, Josh and Seth Meyer

 Rob, Dave reading the instruction book and Luke - the brain bust that got the group pictures.

Ron, Joyce, Tim and Kara
Rob, Dick and Bill

Bethany and Stephen

Tim (hard to recognize him with this facial expression), Kara and John

Judah and Alex had fun, fun, fun (see the soccer ball?) and then Gram set up the sprinkler!

Wrapped up and eating blueberries while their clothes were in the dryer. Judah's four and Alex will be next month.

Asha's walking/running/climbing and Mark is standing alone and ready to sprint!

Lisa and one of 4 tired kids! It was really good to get together.

Here's the crew three years ago: Lisa, Zach, Josh, Michael, Lynn, Jeff, Dick, Kara, John, Tim, Dennis, Judah, Bethany, Barbara, Ron, Jennifer, Linda, Front row: Seth, Alex, Joyce, Tracy, Dave, Bill, Rob, Amber

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