Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When in Rome . . .

It simply didn’t work out for us to do like the Romans were doing last week when we were in Rome. We just weren’t dressed for success in their field of enterprise. They were baling alfalfa and we were “at large” having left our haying gloves at home!

 Rome, OR is southeast of Burns, northwest of Jordan Valley, extremely remote and beautiful. Pioneers used to navigate by these rocky cliffs called the Pillars of Rome.

We were “glamping”  - a new term I just learned that combines glamour and camping into a word more indicative of a RV lifestyle where one can turn on the air conditioner if it gets a little too warm or the furnace if it’s cold, make popcorn in the microwave or plug in the toaster and coffeepot – glamping at Crystal Crane Hot Springs south of Burns OR last week. It was pretty windy but I managed to get a pretty good burn while soaking in the hot springs. It did keep me warm at night which was good because the nights were pretty cool. Take a look at the website: http://www.cranehotsprings.com/ It was quite a drive, but well worth the trip.

We toured Malheur Wildlife Refuge. All the wildlife had dropped in and flown on except three red winged blackbirds (or as Dad used to say – black-bodied red birds) who kept alternating fence posts so we’d have something to see when we drove by. The last time we were there the kids were 2 and 4. We were in my folks' motorhome and I spent the auto tour cooking dinner and glancing our this little window all of which went a long way towards souring me on the dubious pleasures of a motorhome which carries all the conveniences with you and you never have to stop, not even to use the bathroom unless you’re the driver.

We also went to Pete French’s round barn http://www.roundbarn.net/roundbarn.html and the visitor’s center. When I mentioned that it was interesting that Cycle Oregon donated to the preservation of this site, I learned why. It turns out that they were touring Oregon and had arrived at Diamond and the Malheur area on September 11, 2001. This was before cell phones were so prevalent so the farmers in the area parked their trucks with satellite phones in them along the roadway so the bicyclists could communicate with loved ones about the disaster. The compassion of the people in the area really spoke to the bicyclists and they returned the gesture by preserving this historic site.

Instead of cranes in the town of Crane, we saw vultures and kept moving! Yikes!

Back home again and looking forward to the Molalla Buckeroo Parade. I'll try to keep my blog more up to date - it's just this darn weather!

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