Monday, January 30, 2012

On-line again, for a while.

The Arizona State Park System have implemented a new system of on-line reservations. Unfortunately they do not provide internet connections to do it with so we've hung out at the local library. Yesterday we moved from Catalina State Park to Wishing Well RV Park only 5 miles north but with the same dramatic view of the Catalina Mountains outside Tuscon.
It's shorts & t shirt weather most days, a couple have been overcast but the majority of time it has been in the high 60's by 10:00 and a few 70+ degree days. We sat outside yesterday at a campground pizza party and got sunburned.

We love the Tuscon area. I was thrilled to see some barrel cactus blooming when we pulled up to Catalina State Park.
We've learned a few things:
Don't make friends with a cholla. Here's a close up.
What I thought were birdnests in the trees are, in fact, desert mistletoe which provides berries for the birds to eat.
The sunsets are beautiful but . . .
praise the Lord for a good heater. The nights are chilly - low thirties most nights. Once the sun goes down - I mean immediately upon sunset - it cools off. It's the desert.
 We love the saguaros - the symbol of Arizona. I took these pictures on a walk we took from our campground.

They don't branch until they're 70 years old!

We have had a change of plans. Bev Large, Dick's brother Bill's wife has gone to glory, as they used to say, and passed from this life to the next Saturday morning after a long bout with that C demon. We've moved our trailer to an RV park where we can store it for a week and are flying home tomorrow.

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