Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fun in the Sun = January 10th

I love it when a plan comes together but yesterday it just didn't happen.

I decided to make biscuits for breakfast. I make good biscuits and have been making them for years. My recipe makes 8 biscuits which was great when the kids were home, 2 apiece, but long ago I cut it in half so that I wasn't tempting myself to eat more than 2 or throwing out a lot of food. I grew up with a waste-not attitude inherited from my mother who lived through the depression.I particularly like to make them when I'm camping because the oven in the trailer is gas, heats up fast and I like the way it cooks.

I had a ziplock bag of biscuit mixings in the cupboard from another camping trip - you know, one of those unlabeled efficiency maneuvers as in I'm mixing up one batch, I may as well mix up two and save one for another day. Anyway, I got it out, lit the pilot on the oven and then decided to practice saving water by mixing the biscuits in the bag rather than in a bowl I would have to wash. I added oil and milk to the bag, zipped it back together and mixed my ingredients Everything was going fine up to that point.

It was impossible to get the dough to cling together. It just coated the inside of the bag. I turned the bag inside out, scraped it off as best I could but by this time both my hands were completely covered with sticky dough. I couldn't open the cupboard to get a paper towel so I grabbed a kleenex that was popped up out of the box and used it as a glove so I could open the door to wipe my hands off. Anyway, I stuck the 4 misshapen lumps I was calling biscuits into the oven finally and used all the water I had saved from washing the bowl to clean my hands and the mess I'd made of the kitchen.

My never-fail recipe turned out to be a total flop. The biscuits didn't turn out light and fluffy; instead they were heavy and doughy. It is possible that there was no baking powder and salt with the flour after all; I just don't know. Suffice it to say that we had toast for breakfast! Today I'm making biscuits again but this time from a can!

We had two days of real hard winds and decided to stay put at Lake Havasu until the weather settled down. I think we've talked ourselves into taking a tour north to Oatman today so we'll stay another day and head south tomorrow.

Here's a picture of my nephew Dennis Zipprich who just graduated from bootcamp and starts Sub School in a couple of days.

I guess that Navy pictures are like football pictures - no smiling!

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