Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quartzsite Rocks!

Hello from Salome AZ. It was about a two hour drive south from Lake Havasu City through the town of Quartzsite to Salome which is just a small dot on the map and an even smaller dot on the desert. We dropped the trailer in the Desert Gem RV Park and went back to Quartzsite to check it out. It's indescribable, but I'll try. Imagine the biggest flea market you've ever seen on steroids; imagine all the vendors at the Oregon State Fair times 50, or times 250 would be more realistic. It's huge. Some of it is organized into established booths but there are lots and lots of vendors who just have their RVs sitting along the road with stuff displayed to look at - and it's all half priced.

Yesterday we looked at RV mats, ate Texas barbeque and  bought some beads and had some apple pie. Today we went back to the Gem and Mineral Show and saw fabulous opals, turquoise, fossils, petrified wood, crystals. The jewelry and polished stones were all beautiful and the rough stones were fun to look at and imagine how much beauty we've walked over and never seen, We talked to a lady who has a turquoise mine in Elko NV and another man who mines opals near Boise.

We've been having a great time, meeting many other people escaping the frigid weather at home for the sunshine in Arizona. The folks from Alberta who reported 3 degrees as the high at home and the ones who reported a foot of snow at their place in Idaho are tied for first place so far!

Here are some pictures we've enjoyed taking:

This is one of the many orange trees in our campground. The grapefruit tree next to it got hit by the frost. We bought some sweet juicy oranges at a stand down the road and need to go back tomorrow to find some more.

We saw lots of these flowers blooming while in LHC but we're in the desert now and haven't noticed any flowers yet, although it's starting to green up.
We stopped along the road to Oatman, an old gold mining town to visit with these wild burros.

Dick was wondering if they rounded up all the burros and gelded the males as they can get pretty mean and raunchy and the animals are all over the town of Oatman. They even sell burro food - carrots. But, apparently not as these little guys showed up.

Enough adventures for today.

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